The KZN Arts and Culture Trust was formed in 1995 to cater for the needs of the KZN arts and culture communities.
It was also commissioned with the LARGEKWCLEARtask of organising, developing, supervising and integrating provincial projects and ensuring that the established regions function effectively, efficiently and economically. One of the core functions of Kwa-Culture is to ensure that the development and promotion of previously disadvantaged art forms is decentralised. This we do by hosting and facilitating the following;

  • Stage regional Arts Festivals
  • Co-ordinate education and training programmes
  • Participate in provincial, national and international Arts fesitivals
  • Set Up district Arts structures and forge partnerships with local government
  • Hold bi-monthly financial and project reporting meeting.

The regions and community organisations established had to be assisted with managerial administrative and financial skills to ensure their growth, viability and sustainability. The empowerment had to take cognisance of the women, youth and the physically challenged and general public irrespective of culture, religion, gender and political affiliation.

KwaCulture strives to holistic community development by assisting communities to identify, initiate, promote and sustain community and individual projects in order to enhance their participation in the arts and culture programmes in the province.

To educate, develop and improve the skills of the provincial arts and culture communities generally and in particular to provide them with organisational skills.