1. Battle of Isandlwana Commemorationbattle123

KwaCulture together with Mangwebuthanani Traditional Authority has since the year 1999 has coordinated the Commemoration of the Battle of Isandlwana through the staging of the Re-enactment Festival. The Re-enactment program typically focuses on the following activities:

  • Consultative workshops with Amabutho;
  • Reflecting on the past – story telling
  • Host, conduct briefing meeting and Rehearsals;
  • War Rituals Re-enactment and Performances;
  • Documentation, Photography and Video production;
  • The Re-enactment Rehearsals and Dry-run by Amabutho and Dundee Die Hards;
  • Re-enactment Performance by Amabutho and Dundee Die Hards;


  1. Musicalsmuscials1

Theatre is one of the most powerful ways to impart history to the young. Each year, KwaCulture partners with a district municipality to identify young people with artistic talent to participate in an educational musical. The benefits of these are

  • Development (revival) of the love for the performing arts in the area
  • Access by local artists to the profession
  • Positive impact on the areas eco-tourism industry
  • Job creation


  1. KwaGogo Children’s Programme


Is a story-telling program aimed at children between 2 and 10 years, in the different regions where KwaCulture operates in. The story will be told, barring in mind that the audience will have a mixture of Urban, Rural, International, English and Zulu speaking children. The program as it expands will also incorporate “NAWE XOXA” which will teach kids to tell a story, thus breaking their silence and relating their own personal experiences. Children often want to talk, but are not given the opportunity. “NAWE XOXA” will provide a platform for this. The audience will then be care-givers, parents and government (social welfare).

The main objectives behind the storytelling are to:

  • Create an environment that captures the heritage of the place.
  • Show the children that they are loved immensely
  • They can do all things they desire in their mind
  • Ensure our children have a strong sense of identity


hertiageIn readdressing the past, government in all levels is currently encouraging communities, scholars and intellectuals to research and document their history particularly the African history with the hopes of learning and subscribing to it. Upon reflecting on our past, it is true to say that the Colonial and Missionary Education emphasised the adoption of Western culture and religious value systems, whilst apartheid on the other hand emphasised taking away every aspect of African Value System. In order to achieve the above teachings, programmes and systems were designed and enforced on African people.

The aim of these events is for the participants to be educated and encouraged not to be distant from self-own, and get sense of identity. It is to ensure that the youth, children and future generations of our country never suffer inferiority complexes of having to quote Western thinkers every time they open their mouth but walk proud knowing that Africa has contributed to the vast store house of human wisdom.

The event aims to inform, educate, unit and celebrate who we are.

It is a platform for young men and women to be taught etiquette, life skills, diplomacy, environmental science, politics morals, medicine, hunting, hygiene and all other aspect of our culture